Spaghetti FactorySpaghetti Factory
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Chef Tofu Salad (สลัดเต้าหู้)       130.-
Exotic greens served with tofu tempura and sesame dressing  
Caesar Salad (ซีซาร์สลัด)   150.- 
Classic romaine with bacon, egg and our homemade dressing  
Rocket Salad (สลัดร็อคเก็ต)             150.-
Rocket with shrimp, cherry tomato and lime balsamic vinaigrette dressing        
Bologna and Tuna Salad (สลัดทูน่า)    170.-
Iceberg crisp lettuce served with bologna and tuna in apple balsamic vinaigrette dressing  
Shrimp Scampi Salad (สลัดกุ้ง)     170.-
Exotic greens served with pan-fried shrimp and garlic vinaigrette dressing  
Salmon Salad (สลัดแซลมอน)        190.-
Exotic green served with smoked salmon and feta cheese  
Duck Salad (สลัดเป็ด)    190.-
Exotic greens served with smoked duck and orange vinaigrette dressing